SC Global

Technology Hubs
A good deal of investment has been made in the technical infrastructure that will underpin SC Global 2003. Software including Venues Servers and Multicast-Unicast Bridges is required to support this distributed conference. As the contributing sites are spread across 4 continents, it is also important that the infrastructure is geographically distributed too, particularly as some of it is used for contingency.

A number of sites have responded to the request from the SC Global Committee to donate resource for the conference. We have termed these sites "Technology Hubs". Their assistance will be vital for the ultimate success of the conference and we are consequently very grateful to them. These sites are:

• Argonne National Laboratory, US
• Boston University, US
• Center for Computational Sciences, University of Kentucky, US
• Griffith University, Australia
• inSORS Integrated Communications, US
• Internet2, US
• Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Republic of Korea
• Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
• Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
• National Center for Atmospheric Research, US
• National Center for Supercomputing Applications, US
• Sydney VisLab, Australia
• University College London, UK
• University of Manchester, UK

Technology Partners
The following additional organizations have made substantial contributions to SC Global’s technical infrastructure:

• Argonne National Laboratory, US
• Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, Scotland
• inSORS Integrated Communications, US
• University of Manchester, UK