Software Requirements for SC2003 Education Program
The following software may be used in one or more sessions during the Education Program.

If you are bringing your own laptop computer, we recommend that you load the free software as well as demo versions of the commercial software in advance of your arrival in Phoenix. We also recommend that you bring a wireless card to use with your laptop. If you are bringing a wireless card to SC2003, it would be best if it is compatible with the 802.11a Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Point.

Software that is free to load:
Chime 2.6 (note that there is a mac and a pc version):

Cortona 4.0 (note that there is a Mac version and a PC version and it autodetects what you are connecting with):

Java 2SE, 1.4.1:

Netscape version 4.7 (not the more recent version due to peculiarities with some other tools)

Internet Explorer version 5.1

Interactivate -

OpenGL - instructions to download available at

GLUT - free to download

NetLogo - (demo version available)

Licensed Software:
Mathematica -

Microsoft Visual Studio -

Metrowerks – CodeWarrior -

Agent Sheets - (demo version available)

Stella -

CAChe Software -

Fathom - (Instructor's Evaluation Edition available)