SC2003 Education Program Application Guidelines

Application deadline: May 26, 2003

Team Selections: June 30, 2003

The following are requirements and general understandings for submission of an application for participation in the SC03 Education Program.

Institutional Requirements
Each University, College and School District is required to provide the following support for the educators chosen to attend the SC03 Education Program.

  • Provide participating educators with high-speed access to the Internet at the college/school. All team members should ensure that they have Internet access from home as well.
  • Agree to provide one or more of the following, to the extent possible, for members of the team: substitute teacher pay for two days, portion of travel costs (airfare, housing and/or meals) for the Phoenix meeting, reduced teaching load to allow time for curriculum development, or other tangible indication of support of team members.
  • Provide participating educators with opportunities during the school year, such as teacher professional development days, seminars, workshops or meetings, to present to their peers what they have learned through participation in the Program activities.

Team Formation

Selected applications from educator teams will be chosen from a national pool. Two types of teams are encouraged:

  • Multi-disciplinary team of undergraduate faculty from universities, predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUI's), minority serving institutions (MSI's), and community colleges whose students are likely to be the next generation of scientists and engineers, the next generation of K-12 teachers, or both. A team may be from two to six members.

-- OR --

  • Multi-disciplinary team of undergraduate faculty (as described above) AND K-12 teachers working together to address teacher preparation programs to serve the next generation of teachers. A team may be from two to six members, with at least as many faculty members as there are teachers on the team. Preference will be given to teams with at least two faculty and two teachers as they will best be able to support each other while working at their home institution.

Team members may be from the same institution or from cooperating institutions, as needed to make up the team of two to six members. If members are from different institutions, there should be evidence of an existing partnership, or clear plans for ensuring regular communications and working sessions planned throughout the curriculum development effort. Each team should have an inter-disciplinary mix of teaching assignments ö such as science, mathematics, engineering, and/or technology.Teams are encouraged to include an administrator or technology coordinator to support the team upon their return home, provided there are at least two instructors on the team.

Team Member Understandings
By submission of an application, each member of the team understands that:

  • All team members will attend the SC 2003 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on November 15-18, 2003 and a subsequent one-week regional summer workshop, at a location to be determined.
  • The team will develop a two-week course module or unit utilizing computational science methods for use in their classrooms.
  • The team will work together, between the SC 2003 Conference and the summer workshop, and longer as needed, to complete curriculum modules.It is recommended that team members from different institutions be in close proximity to ensure frequent in-person working meetings and discussions.
  • The team will develop a plan for dissemination of lessons learned within their home institution(s) and provide professional development/mentoring to other educators in their institution/region to improve computational science skills among other educators.
  • Modules that are developed and used in the classrooms, will also become a permanent part of the national repository managed by this project.

Letter of Commitment
As a part of their application, each team should submit a letter on college/school stationery signed by each participant and their administrator (e.g. Dean, Department Chair, Principal or Superintendent) indicating that the team agrees to the "Institutional Requirements" and the "Team Member Understandings" specified above.

Included should be an indication of the commitment of support of the team, to the extent possible, which may include: substitute teacher pay for two days, portion of travel costs (airfare, housing or meals) to Phoenix, reduced teaching load to allow time for curriculum development, or other tangible support of the team members.

Financial Considerations
Travel allowances will be provided to cover reasonable costs for coach airfare (to the SC03 conference), ground transportation (to the SC03 conference), lodging, meals, course instructional materials, and substitute support (during the SC03 conference) for K-12 teachers. Participants will be responsible for any costs that exceed these allowances.

All hardware and software required during the SC03 Education Program will be provided at no cost to the participants.

Application Forms
Your team is asked to select a name of your choosing for the team. When each member of the team submits their application form, please reference the same team name. Please have one person complete a team form for the team, and have each member of the team complete the form appropriate to their teaching responsibilities:

K-12 Teacher Application Form
-- OR --
Undergraduate Faculty Application Form

by May 26, 2003.

Team selections will be announced June 30, 2003 via e-mail to the team members and via posting on this web site.

Hosted by:
SC03 Education Program Committee
The National Computational Science Institute

Sponsors include:
SC 2003 Conference
IEEE Computer Society and ACM
National Science Foundation