This year we have 32 exciting and interesting posters covering current topics such as computational and data grids, parallel visualization, parallel algorithms and clusters. We hope that you will stop by the Academic Village in the Exhibit Hall to talk with the poster presenters and expand your knowledge of the current research areas in high performance computing. Many thanks to the Poster Committee, consisting of Michelle Hribar of Pacific University and Karen Karavanic of Portland State University, for their commitment to reviewing the very good poster submissions.

This year's Poster session will be held Monday, Nov. 18, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., in conjunction with the Gala Opening.

Valerie Taylor, Northwestern University
Posters Chair

  • A Grid Service Framework for Collaborative Applications

  • Implementation of Parallel Distributed Data CPHF Algorithm in GAMESS

  • A Software Facility for Persistent and Asynchronous Access to HPSS

  • Diagnosing Parallel Application Performance with PPerfDB

  • mpiBLAST: Parallelization of BLAST for Computational Clusters

  • Requirements Study and some I/O Performance Benchmarks on Central Mass Storage System of Numerical Simulator III

  • Myth and Reality: Usage Patterns in a Large Data-Intensive Physics Project

  • Grid-based Volume Rendering

  • An Empirical Study of Hyper-Threading in High Performance Computing Clusters

  • Online Performance Analysis and Visualization for Large-Scale Parallel Applications

  • Parallel Algorithms for 3-D Plasma Turbulence Models with Particle Tracers

  • What Cluster File Systems can Learn from Peer-to-Peer Systems

  • Toward scalable and flexible job management on computational Grids

  • Update on the PAPI Project

  • Appropriateness of Transport Mechanisms in Data Grid Middleware

  • Faucets: Efficient Resource Allocation on the Computational Grid

  • GRIP: UNICORE and Globus as Examples of Grid System Interoperability

  • GADU - Genome Analysis and Databases Update Tool

  • Subset Selection of Performance Metrics Describing System-Software Interactions

  • The MuPC Run Time System for Unified Parallel C

  • Building a Massive Data Storage Infrastructure for the Masses

  • Pioneering Distance Education over AccessGrid

  • Collaborative Remote Visualization

  • Topology-based clique organization for distributed resource monitoring

  • Performance Analysis of Scheduling and Replication Algorithms on Grid Datafarm
    Architecture for High Energy Physics Applications

  • Visualizing Data Distributions on NUMA Architectures to Guide Incremental Optimizations

  • The Grid Services Flow Language

  • Massively Parallel Large-scale Pool Fire Simulations

  • Performance Evaluation of Scalable Scientific Applications for PC Clusters: TeraCluster Project in KISTI supercomputing center

  • A Programming Model for PetaFLOPS Machines and Blue Gene/Cyclops

  • Measuring the Latency and Overhead in Modern Networks