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SC2002 to Feature Diverse Industry Displays and Largest-Ever Research Exhibits Section
A record 217 exhibits will include HPC "Adventure Land"

BALTIMORE, August 28, 2002 - The SC2002 exhibit space will be packed wall-to-wall with research and industry displays, including the conference's largest-ever research exhibit section complete with a technology-centered "train station" and military defense systems that use the most cutting-edge, high performance computing and networking technology.

SC2002, the annual conference of high performance networking and computing, will convene Nov. 16-22 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

This year's conference, with the theme "From Terabytes to Insights," will feature 217 exhibits covering 87,000 square feet. Including 18 new exhibitors, 93 industry exhibits will take up 41,400 square feet. A total of 92 research institution exhibits and 32 research posters will occupy 45,600 square feet-the largest research exhibits footprint ever. The entire floor is expected to sell out soon, according to SC2002 Exhibition Manager Don Collier of DC Expositions, Inc.

SC2002 industry exhibits will include the leading companies in high-performance computing, networking, data management, and storage. Exhibitors range from the largest technology companies to small and medium-sized companies in bioinformatics, 3D visualization, high-speed interconnects, switches and routers.

"The commercial sector is a crucial partner in implementing high performance computing and networking solutions and in spreading cutting-edge technologies beyond academia and research labs," said SC2002 Exhibits Chair Virginia To. "Through the industry exhibits, we see how new technologies affect business and consumers."

The research exhibits have been subdivided into zones: North and South America, the Pacific Rim, the United Kingdom and Europe, Department of Energy laboratories, and a special zone called "Adventure Land," which will showcase technologies used to build futuristic military hardware and defense communication systems and feature an exhibit set up to resemble a high-tech version of a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad station.

"Research exhibitors come from institutions of all sizes and include scientists, engineers, programmers, visual artists, and students from universities, colleges, and laboratories whose concepts and technologies promise to change the way we live and learn," said Research Exhibits Chair Ernest G. Marshburn. "The objective this year is to be a little different and show some of the real-world hardware that depends on cutting-edge technologies."
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About SC2002
SC2002 brings together scientists, engineers, visualization artists, programmers, and managers to share ideas and to glimpse the future of high performance networking and computing, data analysis and management, visualization, and computational modeling. The conference is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society and by the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture. For more, see.

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