Media Room Information

The SC2002 Media Room will be located in Room 333 of the Baltimore Convention Center. All media representatives are asked to check in at the Media Room upon arrival. If you preregister by Oct. 25, 2002, you can pick up your registration in the Media Room. If you are planning to register at the conference, you'll need to have your credentials verified at the Media Room before your registration can be completed. See the Media Registration Guidelines for credentialing information.

The SC2002 Media Room will provide:

  • Telephones (local and long distance). Check this site for the media room phone number
  • Computers (1 Mac, 3 Windows PCs) with Internet connections for e-mail and Web access
  • One printer
  • Exhibitor media kits
  • Online exhibitor information
  • Message board
  • Calendar of events showing daily highlights
  • Refreshments

We are tentatively planning to staff the Media Room during the following hours to help you with facilities, scheduling interviews, or to provide any other assistance for your coverage of SC2002. Please check the Media Room at the conference for the final schedule.

Media room hours (these times are tentative. Please check when you arrive at the conference):
Saturday, Nov. 16: 3-5 pm
Sunday, Nov. 17: 1-4 PM
Monday, Nov. 18: 9 am - 6 PM
Tuesday, Nov. 19: 9 am - 6 PM
Wednesday, Nov 20: 9 am - 6 PM
Thursday, Nov. 21: 9 am - 4 PM

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Media Room Coordinator Nick Veronico at .