Exhibitor Welcome Letter

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To: SC2002 Research Exhibitors

From: SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee
Ernie Marshburn, East Carolina University, USA
Becky Verastegui, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Laura Chavez-Becker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Wendy Creasey, East Carolina University, USA
Barb Helland, Krell Institute, USA
Naoki Hirose, National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan
Ken Washington, Sandia National Laboratory, USA

Date: March 20, 2002

Subject: SC2002 Research Exhibit Program (November 16-22 in Baltimore, Maryland)

Welcome from the SC2002 Research Exhibit Program! We obtained your email address from the lists of official contact persons managing previous SC Research Exhibits for your institution. If your organization is planning to participate in the SC2002 Research Exhibit program, but you are no longer the primary contact person, we would appreciate your assistance in forwarding this message to the appropriate person within your organization. To facilitate this initial request for information from your institution, please help us ensure that we have the correct SC2002 Research Exhibit contact information. Changes or modifications in this institutional contact information should be emailed to marshburne@mail.ecu.edu. Please include the information requested below in that communication and accept our appreciation in advance for your assistance.

  • Institution Name
  • Contact Name(s)
  • US Mail Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

The Research Exhibits Committee is in the process of posting information to the SC2002 website, which can be found at. From there, select the Exhibits link followed by the Research link to visit the Research Exhibits web page. There you will (or will soon) find important information about the Research Exhibit process, including the Research Exhibit Application, an FAQ on being a Research Exhibitor, SC2002 timelines and deadlines, and other specialized information as needed to help ensure that SC2002 runs smoothly.

The first milestone in the application submission process is the submission of a research exhibit abstract coupled with requests for networking, space, and special requirements such as preferences for booth locations near a minority serving or affiliate institution with whom you are collaborating. If you are the appropriate institutional contact and your institution wishes to participate as a Research Exhibitor again this year, we encourage you to fill out and submit an SC2002 Research Exhibit Application as soon as possible via the website shown below.

Research Exhibit Application Form

This year, our goal is to focus on improving communications with each exhibitor. As a result, the application process has been simplified to make your submission both quick and easy. Moreover, those institutions submitting research exhibit applications prior to April 15, 2002 will enjoy the added benefit of having their requests considered during a special Exhibits Committee meeting on April 18, 2002.

The members of the SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee look forward to working with you and your institution!

Research Exhibits Calendar

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