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SC2002 will offer research exhibitors the opportunity to showcase computational science and research activities at their institutions in addition to offering a sneak preview of the world five, 10, even 15 years from now. Exhibitors come from institutions of all sizes and include scientists, engineers, research programmers, and students from universities, colleges, and laboratories whose concepts and technologies promise to change the way we live and learn. Exhibitor demonstrations, often done in collaboration with other academic instituions or with industry partners, showcase innovative research efforts and illustrate how scientific data can be transformed into knowledge leading to problem-solving and the development of new products. In addition SC2002 provides a nurturing environment where collaborative partnerships among institutions, in particular those among government and minority serving institutions, can develop and flourish.

This year, in addition to offering exhibit floor space to traditional education, government, research, and commercial institutions emphasizing high performance computing and networking, a special emphasis is being placed on providing faculty, staff, and students from smaller institutions with opportunities to exhibit their research in a shared area.

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SC2002 Research Exhibit Program - Statistics
# Research Exhibitors Registered 99
# Research Exhibits - Total Booth Space (sq feet) 47,954 (s.f.)
# Poster Sessions in Academic Village 32
Total # Participants in the Academic Village 45
# MSI's Exhibiting in Academic Village (estimated) 5
Total # of Research and Poster Exhibitors in the SC2002 Research Exhibit Area 144


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