SC2002 Booth Selection Point System, 5.31.02

Priority Point Allocation System
SC2002 Booth Selection

To establish a fair and equitable system for assigning research exhibitor booth space, a priority system was established a number of years ago by SC conference officials. Under this priority point system, each Research Exhibitor is offered an opportunity to select a booth location from the unassigned booth space based on the number of points accumulated from assigned research exhibit booth space between SC94 and SC2002.

Each research exhibitor is offered an opportunity to select booth space in a sequence determined by points. Each research exhibitor will be awarded points based on the total space that organization was assigned in the previous years – plus the requested space for 2002.

Each organization receives one point for each 100 square feet of assigned booth space during the years 1994-2001 plus the requested space for 2002; the yearly totals are then summed and the sum is multiplied by the number of years the organization has exhibited.

For the purpose of setting selection order, point ties will be broken by the following ordered tie-breakers:

  • number of consecutive years exhibiting, 1994-2002
  • number of total years exhibiting, 1994-2002
  • date/time of application
  • flip of coin by Research Exhibits Committee

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