HPC Challenge

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The HPC Challenge Awards will honor participants in three categories for innovative uses of high performance computing resources. This will provide opportunities for contestants to showcase important applications and platforms. The categories are as follows:

Most Innovative Data-Intensive Application: As processor power increases and sensor networks become ubiquitous, it is increasingly information and its location that is important. The award will be presented to the entry that is most innovative with respect to data mining, visualization, or combinations thereof. Examples of such projects would include multidisciplinary teams to mine, visualize, and interpret data.

Most Geographically Distributed Application: The Grid has made it possible to link computers around the world to solve computationally-intense problems, leveraging the strengths of different architectures in a simple application. The award will be presented to the team with the most geographically distributed application that solves a non-trivial problem.

Most Heterogeneous Set of Platforms: Similar to above, we pose a challenge to combine the most diverse set of architectures to solve a single, non-trivial application.

There are three award levels: Platinum ($1500 honorarium), Gold ($1000), and Silver ($500).

Contestants will demonstrate their entries in front of an audience on Wednesday. Judges will make decisions on Wednesday afternoon, and awards will be presented at the Awards Session on Thursday.

Entries should contain the names and contact information for all participants, an abstract describing the challenge, and any special requirements for high performance computing resources, data storage or demonstrating the technology.

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HPC Co-chairs:
Radha Nandkumar, radha@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tara Madhyastha, tara@soe.ucsc.edu

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