Helpful Guidelines for Planning Your Booth, 5.15.02

Helpful Guidelines to Follow When Planning Your Research
1. If you are going to have a display constructed by a display vendor, plan to have your display design finalized and your booth display ordered by September 1, 2002 to reduce the odds that your booth will be impacted by vendor backlog.

2. Adequately staff your booth. Too many resources are preferable to too few. To be most effective, your booth must be staffed by at least two people at all times the exhibit floor is open. It is also unwise to schedule a single person for more than four consecutive hours of ‘on duty’ time on the floor.

3. Hotel rooms should be reserved early. There’s nothing worse than working until 3 am to debug a problem and then realizing that your hotel is a long cab drive away and the shuttles have long since stopped running.

4. Identify one individual as the “Booth General” and empower this person to make on-the-floor decisions in the event of significant problems or a crisis
5. Designate someone each day who can be available to run errands as needed. That individual should have access to an automobile.

6. Bring a good quality color desktop printer with you.

7. Bring a camera and plan to take pictures of all phases of your booth including construction, presentation, and breakdown, in order to create a high quality photographic record of your SC2002 Research Exhibit experience. SC2002 is investigating the option of having a professional photographer available for those who would prefer to outsource this task. The professional photography option would be fee based.

8. Test your applications frequently during setup and reconfirm the operational status of all equipment and applications as of Sunday, November 17, 2002.

9. Bring CD based backup copies of all software/data and original copies of distribution media.

10. The success of your display is dependent upon three critical steps, each involving a lot of hard work:

a. the pre-show preparations,
b. setup of the display prior to the show, and
c. the running of the display during SC2002 during open hours.

Each of these phases requires the involvement of more than one person. Devote the proper attention to each of these phases, and you will return home with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

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