Research Exhibits Deadline Extended, 4.26.02

Greetings from the SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee!
The deadline for submitting SC2002 Research Exhibit Applications has been extended to May 8, 2002 (click the link below to go to the Research Exhibit application form)

Important Notes:

  • If your institution has not yet completed an SC2002 Research Exhibit Application, we would like to encourage you to do so promptly.

  • If your Research Exhibit application is already complete, we would request that you verify that the indicated booth size listed on your SC2002 Research Exhibit Application form is correct for your institution.
  • Note1: Booth sizes/locations in the Exhibit Hall are in part determined by the information and special requests included on your institutions application. More importantly, after submitted SC2002 Research Exhibit applications are received and requests for specific booth sizes are determined, the exhibit floor plan will be finalized and the approval of further requests for changes in booth size should be considered unlikely.

    Note2: The final location of your booth will be decided upon during the selections/allocations process similar to previous SC conferences. This process will start during the week beginning May 13th, 2002.

  • Note that our information on institutional contacts may not be comprehensive. Please help us disseminate the above information to current and prospective SC2002 exhibitors. We would rather duplicate the information distributed rather than risk unintentionally leaving an institution out of the communications loop.

For more information, SC2002 Research Exhibits information is posted to the SC2002 website, which can be found at: . From there, select the Exhibits link followed by the Research link to visit the Research Exhibits web page.

The members of the SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee look forward to working with you and your institution!

Ernie Marshburn, East Carolina University
Becky Verastegui, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Laura Chavez-Becker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Wendy Creasey, East Carolina University
Barb Helland, Krell Institute
Naoki Hirose, National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan
Michael Resch, University of Stuttgart, HPC Center, Germany
Ken Washington, Sandia National Laboratory

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