Research Exhibitors: Here's What to Expect, 5.15.02

… So You’ve Been Selected as an SC2002 Research Exhibitor?
Here’s what you can expect…
After you have been selected as an SC2002 Research Exhibitor and assigned an exhibit space, you will receive an Exhibitor Kit. These kits are typically mailed in late August. The Exhibitor Kit represents your “lifeline” to SC2002 and contains information about conference procedures, a copy of all conference forms, milestones and deadlines, costs for optional booth resources, and other information needed to ensure that your research exhibit experience is rich, rewarding, and successful.

The Exhibitor Kit should be assigned to someone responsible for:

1. reviewing the contents of the kit,
2. completing all SC2002 forms, and
3. submitting all required SC2002 information and documentation in advance of deadlines

It should be noted that completion of the required conference forms is not an arduous task. You should be able to complete the necessary order forms within a two-hour period of time, if you are not interrupted. It is also important that you bring the kit with you to SC2002. In addition to forms, the kit contains information that you may need on-site, such as a “Property Pass” (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#12), shipping labels, important phone numbers and contact information, Baltimore Convention Center floor plans, local area maps, and other important information.

Development of a project plan is suggested after reviewing the Exhibitor Kit. Exhibiting at SC2002 will be tremendously rewarding, a great deal of work, and typically impacted (at least briefly) by unanticipated problems. To minimize problems, your project plan should call for booth setup efforts to begin (at the latest) on the Saturday immediately preceding the conference (November 16, 2002). This will give you approximately two days to resolve any issues that might arise. If you have a large or complex exhibit booth setup, you may want to consider arriving earlier than Saturday.

Useful contact information such as phone or fax numbers and email addresses can be found on each SC2002 form. Since each form is different, you should start by identifying the indicated contact person listed on that form and follow-up with that person for assistance. If you still need assistance with the forms in this kit, contact DC Expo by email at or by phone at (775) 322-5881. DC Expo, our exhibit management company, will be able to help you with your questions.

Some specific elements of your project plan might include:

1. Complete and sign the “SC2002 agreement/contract” to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by Exhibition Management. The cost of exhibit booth space equal to or less than 20’x20’ is free. Exhibit booth space larger than 20’x20’ has an associated cost that will be invoiced by DC Expositions subsequent to your submission of an SC2002 Research Exhibit application form. The invoice is due within 30 days of receipt but no later than the first day of move in at SC2002. Keep in mind that no services or resources are automatically provided; you must order all required services. Selected examples of such services are:

a. Register your staff for badges (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#1)
b. Order network connections (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#2)
c. Order furniture, carpet, and labor (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#3)
d. Order telephone and electrical services (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#12)
e. Review order forms for florists, audio visual equipment, computer rental, etc. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#4)
f. Complete the housing forms for hotel rooms (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#7)
g. Review and prepare for shipping and installation (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#9)
h. Check the table of contents to see other things that are of interest to you. Pay attention to the deadlines page, immediately behind the table of contents. Ordering early will sometimes qualify you for discounted rates. Paying late will usually entail a significant increase in cost.

2. Confirm submission of your Proof of Insurance Certificate to Exhibition Management, or if you are not insured by an insurance company, provide a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating that you are self insured. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#2)

3. Freeman Decorating is our official contractor for labor. If you plan to use someone other than Freeman to install your booth, you must complete the “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor” form (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#2). The exhibitor appointed contractor then must provide DC Expositions with a certificate of insurance and agree to abide by the rules and regulations.

4. Free Research Exhibitor booth space. All Research Exhibitors receive up to 400 sq. ft. FREE. Larger booth space costs are according to the following sliding rate schedule:

Research Exhibit Booth Space:

  • 10' x 10' in “Academic Village” .... No charge
  • 10' x 10' = 100 sq. ft......................... No charge
  • 10' x 20' = 200 sq. ft......................... No charge
  • 20' x 20' = 400 sq. ft......................... No charge
  • 20' x 30' = 600 sq. ft......................... $1,500
  • 20' x 40' = 800 sq. ft......................... $3,000
  • 30' x 30' = 900 sq. ft......................... $3,750
  • 30' x 40' = 1,200 sq. ft...................... $8,250
  • 40' x 40' = 1,600 sq. ft.................... $14,250
  • 40' x 50' = 2,000 sq. ft.................... $25,250
  • 50' x 50' = 2,500 sq. ft.................... $39,000

    Industry Exhibit Booth Space:

  • The charge for Industry Exhibitors is $29.00/sq. ft.

    5. Badges. During installation days, your staff only needs to have a Research Exhibit “Installation Sticker”, which is available for free at the exhibit hall door or through the Exhibition Management office in the Baltimore Convention Center. All other Research Exhibitor badges must be purchased. Pricing information and order forms are listed the Exhibitor Kit. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#1)

    6. Network Connections. The SC2002’s networking team, known as SCinet, will provide high-speed network and other network connections to you in your booth location, but you must order those network connections in advance. However, SCinet is only responsible for bringing the network cable to your booth, so it is your responsibility to determine how best to connect the SCinet network to your equipment.

    a. Each booth exhibitor is also responsible for bringing a transceiver or similar hardware device to connect your institution’s equipment (such as computing equipment or a hub) to the commodity network. This often requires special equipment or devices that cannot be obtained at a local Radio Shack.

    b. For specific networking options and available speeds, see the SC2002 networking order form. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#2)

    c. A standard connection to the commodity Internet in addition to the high-performance SCINet fiber network and wireless network access is available at no charge to Research Exhibitors.

    7. Standard carpeting will be provided in all research exhibit booth areas, i.e. the same color carpet as in the aisles, unless otherwise requested. Different styles and colors of carpeting are available for a fee. You may also bring your own carpet. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#3)

    8. Basic furniture, i.e. one table of any size (draped on three sides, desk height or counter height, in your choice of colors) and two side chairs or two gray padded stools are available at no cost for each 10x10 booth area, up to a maximum of four 10x10’s booth area squares. Additional tables, chairs, and stools are available for a fee. You must order these items in advance and identify yourself as a research exhibitor to ensure receipt of these research exhibit credits. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#3)

    9. Standard electrical connections will be provided in all booth areas. Each 10x10 booth area square will receive credit (advance price) for one (approx. 5 amps/500 watt) electrical power outlet at not charge. Larger booths will receive one electrical connection credit for each 10x10 space up to a maximum of four connections/credits. Each 10x20 space will receive (advance price) credit for two power outlets at no charge. Additional power is available for a fee. You must order electrical power in advance and identify yourself as a research exhibitor to ensure receipt of these research exhibit credits.

a. Note: It is cheaper to buy surge protection strips than it is to rent them from the electrical company on-site. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#12)

b. You must order these items in advance and identify yourself as a research exhibitor to ensure receipt of these research exhibit credits.

10. Exhibitor Reception. All research and industry exhibitors are invited to the “Exhibitor’s Reception” on Sunday evening, which includes free food, beverages, and entertainment. (Exhibitor Kit, Tab#6)

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