Abstract Edits Due July 24, 7.22.02

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The SC2002 Research Exhibits booth selections phase is now complete enabling us to move forward with the abstract assimilation phase mentioned in our last email. During this phase, you will have an opportunity to edit your institutions application information including the abstract submission prior to it's submission to the SC2002 Public Relations committee for printing/publication in the SC2002 Conference Program. In addition, this application information will be posted to the SC2002 Research Exhibits web site for general review by conference attendees as well.

Rather than providing you with only your institutions submission, we are attaching a PDF file that contains all of the submissions received to date. This information is displayed in a format similar to what will appear in the SC2002 Conference Program. The intent is to provide you with a preview of what both you and your colleagues are planning to submit and our hope is that this will be helpful to you should you choose to revise your institutions application information based on a review of what others have submitted. Also, please note that some institutions deferred on including an abstract with their initial submission. This is the reason why some of the abstract sections are blank. Those institutions are highly encouraged to submit an abstract at this time. Otherwise, the information planned for publication in the conference program includes: exhibit title, primary contact, institution name, institution url, booth number, and research exhibit abstract. All information, with the exception of the booth number, can be revised as you wish.

Your application information can be modified by returning to and updating the information contained in your original SC2002 Research Exhibit Application form at: exhibit_res.html. Please note that the "Registration Number", which you were provided with when you initially submitted a research exhibit application, is the key that will allow you to access and update your institutions information. If you have lost or misplaced your registration number or simply need assistance, please contact the Research Exhibits Committee help desk at: sc02_research_exhibits_assistance@home.ornl.gov.

The deadline for these institutional information or abstract revisions is Wednesday, July 24, 2002.

Abstract revisions made after the deadline will be updated on the SC2002 Research Exhibits web site but will not be updated with respect to the conference program. Please make every effort to observe this deadline.

We hope that everyone is having a great July and we look forward to working with each of you at SC2002 in November.

SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee

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