Congratulations from the SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee, 5.29.02

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Your Research Exhibit submission has been approved! Next you will be given an opportunity to participate in the booth space selections process, which is about to begin. That process will be initiated by a separate email note indicating that it is your institutions turn to select a specific booth location. In preparation for this booth selection process, you may want to review the following notes:

1. The final version of the SC2002 Exhibit floor plan has been posted and may be reviewed at: exhibit_floor.html.

2. Other important information can be found on the Research Exhibits Program web site at: exhibit_res.html.

3. The selection process will be sub-divided into zones as follows:

RE Zone/Subdivision–Zone Selections Coordinator

  • General Exhibitors – Ernie Marshburn, Becky Verastegui, Ken Washington
  • Pacific Rim – Naoki Hirose
  • UK/European Region – Michael Resch
  • DOE Office of Science – Becky Verastegui
  • Academic Village – Barb Helland, Wendy Creasey

4. All 5 selections processes will run simultaneously with each respective zone coordinator/s responsible for the selection process within that zone. Coordinators will observe the traditional priority point system within each zone.

5. SC2002 Research Exhibit Program Selection rules are as follows:

  • The exhibit floor plan is considered final. Booths will not be moved from illustrated locations on floor plan.
  • Once notified, exhibitors will be allowed 48 hours (excluding weekends) to make their selection. In the event that an Exhibitor fails to make a selection during the allocated 48 hours, the Research Exhibits Committee will make their space selection for them and the process will continue with the next exhibitor on the priority list.
  • Once an RE Booth selection has been submitted, the selection can not be changed until the selection process has ended for all Research Exhibitors.

6. The exhibit floor map showing the location of all research exhibit selections will be updated after each selection.

7. Following the completion of the selections process, a list of all RE's will be posted to the Research Exhibits web site. A world map is also available on the SC2002 Research Exhibits Program web site illustrating the states/countries sending representatives.

The attached MS Word documents (also available on the SC2002 Research Exhibits Program web site) are being made available for your use and review. Hopefully, this information will be of use to you during the selections process and in preparations leading to a successful and exciting SC2002 Research Exhibit Program experience! However, if you have any difficulty with the selections process, please feel free to communicate with us at:

SC2002 Research Exhibits Committee
Ernie Marshburn, East Carolina University, USA
Becky Verastegui, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Laura Chavez-Becker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Wendy Creasey, East Carolina University, USA
Barb Helland, Krell Institute, USA
Naoki Hirose, National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan
Ken Washington, Sandia National Laboratory, USA
Michael Resch, University of Stuttgart, HPC Center, Germany

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