SC2002 Travel Expense Guidelines – MSI Participants

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Payments reimbursing SC2002 related travel expenses require an authorized copy of the travel expense form plus original airline ticket and hotel receipts. In cases where travel costs are to be split with another institution, SC2002 will accept a copy of the receipt (with an explanatory note). The Travel Expense Report must be completed along with the SC2002 Survey by December 6th. The survey will be located on this website just before the start of the conference.

All travel-related reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of completion of travel. Beyond this deadline, requests will not be honored.

Questions regarding reimbursement should be addressed to the SC2002 Finance Chair. Reimbursements will be processed as quickly as possible. Please allow five weeks.

1. Airfare: Only airfare less than or equal to coach fare will be reimbursed. Advance purchase tickets should be used where there is a substantial savings and the risk of cancellation penalties is not severe. A traveler may include additional nights (typically to include a Saturday night) if there will be overall cost savings.

2. Conference Registration: Travelers who wish to attend the Technical Program must register in the normal way, using the Web registration forms designated for MSI participants. The grant only covers the Technical Program, the Tutorials are not included in the technical program and require a separate registration.

3. Hotel Reservations: Reservations must be made using the SC2002 Conference Housing Form or the online reservation system via the SC2002 website ( Conference rates will not be given to persons who directly contact the hotels.

4. Advances: In some circumstances, travelers needing advance funds can be accommodated. A written request should be made to the appropriate committee chair, Roscoe Giles (, who must approve the request and forward it to the Finance Chair before an advance can be issued. Please allow at least two weeks.

5. Other payments: If the traveler is being reimbursed by some other organization for travel expenses to SC2002, the pertinent expenses should be excluded from the expense form. Travelers should be aware that the Conference is occasionally asked by a parent company or organization to confirm what expenses were paid to a particular traveler.

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