SC Gets Smart: IntelliBadge™ at SC2002

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For the first time in conference history, SC2002 will give technical program participants the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of "smart" technology called the IntelliBadge™. Participation is optional. However, if you choose to be a full participant, you will be able to track in real time events that fit your needs and interests and to find out where people of similar interests are gathering. Using a kiosk at the conference center or a Web portal, you will be able to view statistics on the conference and specific events, locate individuals--even get restaurant recommendations, determine how many miles you've walked at the convention center, and judge your chances of a winning a prize at the end of the demonstration.

IntelliBadge Registration
IntelliBadge registration will take place onsite at the Baltimore Convention Center only. There will be no advance registration for the program, either through e-mail, the SC2002 Web site, or mail. To register at SC2002, you will need to follow the simple process below:

  • After picking up your regular SC registration materials and conference ID, proceed to an IntelliBadge registration kiosk in the registration area.
  • At the IntelliBadge kiosk, the registration process will be explained and you will be given a login and password for the IntelliBadge system and an electronic IntelliBadge. Once you are registered for the IntelliBadge demonstration, simply scan your IntelliBadge and enter your login and password to use any IntelliBadge kiosk. You can also log in to the system on your laptop using a simple Web interface.
  • Once you are registered for the IntelliBadge program, you will need to decide your level of participation. All participation in the program is voluntary and no personal information will be distributed without the participants' permission.

Two levels of participation

  • Anonymous Participation. If you want your participation to be anonymous, simply do nothing other than pick up your IntelliBadge, and choose a login and password. At this level of participation, no association is made between the user's identity and the badge. Users at this level are not eligible for prizes.
  • Named Participation. If you choose to be a named participant, you will be directed to use the IntelliBadge kiosk to complete a short form. You will be presented with a number of privacy options and asked to complete a brief multiple choice questionnaire about your interests. The entire form should take no more than 1 minute to complete. Only named participants with profiles will be eligible for prizes.

Behind the Scene
IntelliBadges will be tracked through the entire conference space and their locations will be stored in a database. This data will be analyzed and visualized on display devices located throughout the conference space. IntelliBadge participants will be able to access this data and interact with it through the Web portal. No IntelliBadge information will be sold to vendors or used for telemarketing purposes and no personal information will be distributed without the participant’s permission.

Why do it?
One of the most difficult tasks at a large conference is finding the people with whom you want to talk and share ideas. The IntelliBadge system provides a simple way to show you the locations of the movers and shakers in your field. In addition, the people you need to reach will be able to find you. Sensors near the entrance to technical program sessions, BOFs, and in the exhibit hall will provide useful information about the "hot" topics and displays at the conference and let you plan your time more productively.

In addition, named participants with profiles will be eligible for a number of prizes. Possible prizes could include Global Positioning Systems (GPS), gift certificates and t-shirts.

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